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Data from Maury and TBI:

  • About 400K subscribers to MLB.tv, MLB.tv Premium, and Gameday Audio, up 45.7% over this point last year. That means that about 276K had signed up for those products by this time in 2008. There’s no breakdown on how many people have signed up for each product ($109 MLB.tv Premium is obviously much more lucrative than the $15 audio package), and no word on whether those figures include At Bat for the iPhone, which includes Gameday Audio.
  • 130K iPhone / iPod Touch purchases of At Bat. Let’s do some quick math: 400K -130K = 270K, which is about how many live media subscriptions BAM had sold this time last year. Hmmm. I hope I’m wrong on this, because MLB.tv is way better than it was last year, not to mention cheaper across the board.
  • MLB.com’s pageviews are up 73% over this time last year, and daily visitors are up 30%. In other words, traffic is up, and engagement is way up (I can’t think of any fishy reason to challenge this, but it does seem a bit odd that pageviews / visit is up so much, given that it’s virtually the same site). I still think they could be doing a lot better, especially in terms of ubiquity and SEO. More ideas on this coming tomorrow.
  • MLB’s mobile sites are way up from last year, seeing a 254% increase in pageviews. This is the least surprising number of all, since most mobile sites are seeing incredible gains over the past year or two. MLB.com’s mobile version is perfect for low end phones and some BlackBerrys, but it’s a bit dated on the iPhone (most sites develop one version for the iPhone, and one for all other phones).

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